My First 90 Days: Suck Up to the Right People

In this series, professionals share how they rocked — or didn’t! — the all-important first 90 days on the job. Follow the stories here and write your own (please include the hashtag #First90 in the body of your post).

There are two components to getting off to a great start on a new job: what to avoid and what to accomplish. This post explains both components. First, there are four ways to blow it. They form the acronym LAST:

  • Lazy people show up for work on time or late. Hardworking people show up early. Lazy people leave on time or early. Hardworking people leave late.
  • Arrogant people believe that they know what to do, how the company should operate, and what’s wrong with management. These kinds of people are called “90-day wonders” because they think they know everything after 90 days.
  • Stupid people do stupid things like cutting corners, cheating, and making uniformed decisions. (The combination of arrogance and stupidity is supremely ironic and common.)
  • Tacky people do dishonest, racist, sexist, sexual, or ageist things. They appear at functions in an inebriated state, and they spread rumors. They do creepy or inappropriate things because they are untrained, stupid, or insecure.

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Guy Kawasaki’s Social Media Secret

Guy Kawasaki wears many hats.  Hes the founder of, a bestselling author on social media and marketing, and still somehow manages to fit in about 75 speaking engagements each year. Here, reporter Eric Markowitz chatted with Kawasaki to get his thoughts on how entrepreneurs treat social media—and how they’re doing it all wrong.

First, to what extent has social media changed the way companies and entrepreneurs fundamentally express themselves to customers?

It is marketing at this point. Luckily, social media enables you to do that in a fast, free, and ubiquitous way. You really can’t spend money on social media unless you really try. Social media is really more about effort than expense.