Differences between boss and leader

Drives employees Coaches employees
Depends on authority Depends on goodwill
Inspires fear Generates enthusiasm
Says “I” Says “we”
Places blame for the breakdown Fixes the breakdown
Knows how it is done Shows how it is done
Uses people Develops people
Takes credit Gives credit
Commands Asks
Says “Go” Says “Let’s go”

Employees leave managers, not companies

Today I found out one of my good friends left their position at a well known technology company that many people would “kill” to work for. I asked him why he left, expecting an answer like “I needed more of a challenge”, or “I outgrew the position and there was no where for me to grow”, but instead he said “I couldn’t work with my boss”.

Customer Service: 5 Rules for Handling Complaints

The Internet gives angry customers a megaphone; even one angry one can do a lot of damage. Here’s how to defend your company and defuse a crisis.

While the Internet has made global commerce a reality, the online social services it spawned have also provided a worldwide megaphone for dissatisfied customers. From Bank of America’s reversal on debit card fees to Apple’s “antenna-gate” to Netflix’s pricing plan backlash, companies have struggled to respond effectively in the social space.

Where do they go wrong? In almost every case, they forgot one of these five rules of online customer service.