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Bankacılıkta Yeni Trendler

Bankacılık sektörünün usta isimlerinden Brett King tarafından yayınlanan ve önümüzdeki on yıl içerisinde, sektörde beklenen trendleri görebileceğimiz çalışmaya göz atmakta fayda var. Benim en çok ilgimi çeken “Hyper connected customers” oldu. Bu yaklaşım; perakende ve telekom başta olmak üzere, diğer sektörleri de mutlaka etkileyecektir.

Enterprise Architecture Certifications Distilled

Year after year I am finding that Enterprise Architecture certifications are becoming more important to architects. Back in 2007, I remember reading an article from Gene Leganza called, “Is EA Certification Important?”. In that article he stated that 65% of the people he had surveyed stated that EA certification is not important but he also noted that …

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SOA? ESB? What is all this?

Lots of nice articles have been published on the net on both Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Server Bus (ESB). This topic is being discussed quite heavily for last few years but started gaining weight as ESBs started getting more and more matured. To start this series, I am planning to put together information …

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A Day in the life of an Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architecture has grown from being just a set of small pilots to being a fully sponsored and supported initiative within enterprises. With the growing demands to reduce costs, increase agility, and standardize IT environments, there has been a surge of enterprise architecture activity. According to Gartner and the MIT institute the growing complexities that span …

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A Comparison of the Top Four Enterprise-Architecture Methodologies

Twenty years ago, a new field was born that soon came to be known as enterprise architecture. The field initially began to address two problems: System complexity—Organizations were spending more and more money building IT systems; and Poor business alignment—Organizations were finding it more and more difficult to keep those increasingly expensive IT systems aligned with business …

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Why do we need model driven architecture (MDA)?

Many organizations have been developing IT software without modeling but there have been various problems in realizing the “requirements to implementation”. Primary issue continues to be that of communication. The two keys to solving this problem are Distinct viewpoints for each stakeholder. Automated information passing between them. Business people need to communicate IT requirements in …

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